Gatdamn.io is one of the most fun and interesting battle games belonging to the kind of io-multiplayer game. In this game, you will fight with other players to become the champion. 

Instruction to play

Welcome to Gatdamn.io! At the beginning of this game, you will choose for yourself a character with your name or not. After that, you will take part in a battle immediately. Your mission to become the best one is to defeat other real players with your weapon like a gun. 

Always attempt to take down the adversary first because after they are down, you can take their rifle, equip it, and recover some health back from it. The number of opponents you knock down is the score that shows where your order is in this game. 

You also can invite your friends into this game to compete on who is better. Sometimes, you will not see any players, you can explore the map of this world to prepare for an extreme fight. 

There is a table showing your number of scores on the corner of the left screen and the game also has short instructions for a newbie. 


The developer of Lilshake made Gatdamn.io and released it in January 2022. 


  • A / left arrow key = move left
  • D / right arrow key = move right
  • W / up arrow key / space = jump
  • 1-9 = switch weapons
  • Mouse movement = aim
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = zoom out