Ghost Fight IO


Ghost Fight IO is a funny ghost io game in which you as a wandering ghost in the cemetery are trying to enhance your power with the ultimate aim of being the strongest one.

Have you ever wondered what you will be like after you die or what the afterlife is like? Surely this answer is still unanswered. However, the Ghost Fight IO game has built a fun but competitive world for ghosts. In a huge cemetery, players will play wandering ghosts having nothing to do but make themselves stronger and stronger. 

Instructions to play

Before entering the game, you have to create for yourself a ghost with his name. Without waiting more, the battle starts. After that, you will appear in a cemetery area where there are many other ghosts or other online players, and around you are little colorful energy blobs floating. It is necessary to consume these glowing blobs because you will be stronger after eating them. 

During the progress of collecting energy, you are completely able to encounter other ghosts. Move to another place if they are stronger than you. The reason for it is the stronger ghost can kill you and make you his next energy. In contrast, you can consider him as your food if you are stronger. Continue like this until you become the strongest.

To know who is stronger than you, compare the scores above your head to the rest of the ghosts. The scoreboard located in the upper left corner of the screen will allow you to know the best players. Magnets, shields, and boots are the three available different boosters. While boots will quicken your pace, you must use them carefully. Shields will protect you from hostile attacks, and magnets will attract glistening balls to your feet.


Use ASDW or Arrow keys to move your character.