About Hedge Maze


Hedge Maze is an entertaining single-player puzzle game. The player has the task of navigating the green ball so that it can reach the blue box.

Welcome to the Hedge Maze puzzle game! This game is designed with a large maze in which there is a green ball in the middle. Your task is to help the green ball out of this maze by driving it to the blue exit. There is only one way out, so you need to be calm to have a perfect strategy or you will get lost in that maze. Use the arrows to move the green ball up, down, left, and right. Keep in mind that there are many levels in the game. However, only when you complete one level, you could move on to the next one. And it's sure that the next level will be more difficult than the previous stage. If you want to play more puzzle games, Nerdle, Stacky Dash 2, and Little Alchemy are recommended games.

Features of the game

  • One player mode
  • Multiple levels with the increasing difficulty
  • Full-screen features