About Hexanaut.io


Welcome to Hexanaut.io which is one of the most interesting territorial games. In the game, your goal is to try to own an area as large as possible.

The objective of Hexanaut.io

When you enter this game, you will control a cute character to conduct your duty. specifically, you will control the character with his long tail moving around the hexagons to occupy the territory. Only when the area you surround is completely closed will the area be yours. Continue the process to become the person with the most territories. Pay attention that if your character crashes into itself, you lose.

Features of the game

  • The Hexanaut.io game offers multiple players feature. Therefore, anyone from all over the world can take part in this territorial game. In specific, this feature allows people to compete and feel challenged. As a result, the desire of conquering is enhanced.
  • There is no complex control in this game. Players control their game character by sliding their mouse.