About Imposter Assassin


Take part in Imposter Assassin to experience a thrilling action game. You play as an imposter who must murder all spacecraft crew members in order to live.

In this game, you are an assassin who is impersonating a member of a spaceship. Your mission is to steal the secret documents of the spaceship as well as destroy all the remaining members of the spaceship. However, the real astronauts discovered your suspicious activities. Members are seeking you with the aim of eliminating you. In order to survive, you must thus conceal and eliminate all crew members quickly. You use the surrounding environment, like walls, tables, etc., to conceal yourself and then move behind the astronauts to kill them. You will die if you are found by others. Additionally, you may gather as many coins as possible and improve your weaponry after finishing missions. After completing this quest, go to Impostor and Kill The King Logo to receive the next tasks.