Imposter Beans


Imposter Beans is an exciting arcade game. Control your imposter to participate in different challenges and attempt to be one of 10 survivors.

Are you ready to participate in the challenges in this game with cute imposters? In this game, your mission is to take part in 3 challenges with varying degrees of difficulty. These challenges include Running To The Finish, Matching The Icon, and Last One To Survive.

For a Running To The Finish challenge, your target is to be one of 10 runners to cross the finish line first. Be wary of the obstacles and traps along the way. They will slow down your speed, so try to control your imposter to evade them if you can. Attempt to be one of 10 persons to reach the finish line to step up to the next level.

For a Matching The Icon, your goal is to stand on the tile which has the same fruit icon as the screen. In the first 3 seconds, all fruit icons on the tiles will be shown. Attempt to remember their position and run as fast as possible to the right tile. If you choose the wrong tile, you will be eliminated.

For a Last One To Survive, you have to run around the interconnected unstable tiles. The tiles will continuously disappear.  Do your best to survive until the end of the game to get a victory.

Features of Imposter Beans:

  • 3 challenges with different degrees of difficulty to play
  • A variety of obstacles and traps
  • Easy controls
  • Colorful 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

Press “ARROW KEYS” to move.

Press a “SPACEBAR” to jump.