Interstellar Run


Interstellar Run is a fun running game. In this game, you have to run as far as possible and avoid falling into a hole or avoid contacting a laser.

Your task in this game is to control your character running in the tunnel. The further you run, the more points you get. In the tunnel, you will encounter countless holes which are dense and wide. You have to quickly dodge them by running to the right or the left. You can also jump over them to avoid falling. If you fall into the hole, you lose. The tunnel changes many shapes such as square, circle, pentagon, and hexagon shapes. The color of the tunnel is also changed according to its shape. You can run on any surface of the tunnel, which is one of your advantages. It is possible to rely on that superiority to avoid large and densely distributed holes on the line. Besides the big gaps, the laser is also one of the causes of your death. Do not contact the laser.

To get many points and achieve a high rank on the leaderboard, you need to run as far as possible in the tunnel. Be careful to avoid all the traps on the way. Can you reach the leaderboard's top spot?

Features of Interstellar Run: 

  • Brilliant, colorful 3D visuals.
  • There are leaderboards to track player performance and create competitive gameplay.
  • Can be played on many different network platforms.
  • Easy to play.
  • Single-player.

How to play: 

Use “AD” keys or arrow left, or arrow right to move.

Use the “W” key, arrow up, or Space bar to jump.