About Jump Dude


Jump Dude is an interesting arcade game in which players need to protect themselves by jumping from one platform to another to escape from the ocean.

Jump Dude, which put a player into a dangerous situation when the player is standing on a platform like a circle log floating in the immense ocean. The only way to protect himself and go back to the land is by jumping from this platform to another and going through level after level.  There is a helpful arrow that assists you to choose the direction and speed to pass. Be careful when jumping because you must o restart the level if the attempt fails as a result you will fall under the ocean.

Let me see what you do when you are stuck in this situation. Come on and do not hesitate to play.

Features of Jump Dude

  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty.
  • Simple control.
  • Nice 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects.

How to play 

  • Using a mouse or a touch to jump