Kart Fight.io


Kart Fight.io is an addictive io game. Your task is to control the cat's car to knock other opponents off the platform and get many gold coins with fish images.

You will transform into a cat character with your cool car, and you will have to find ways to make other opponents respect you. You must make other cats controlled by other players fall into the water and disappear from the screen. You will get bigger and possess unmatched strength every time an opponent vanishes due to your merit. When you become a great character, other cats are not your rival.

You will receive gold coins with a fish image as a reward for your feats. The more opponents you beat, the more gold you have. You can exchange characters and vehicles thanks to the money you have. The context of the battle will also change depending on the character you choose. You can fight by the sea, in the volcano, or anywhere.

It can be said that the game has helped players experience a lot of fiery matches and challenging battles. You will be relieved of stress after playing the game. Come and play this game. Good luck!

Features of Kart Fight.io:

  • Diverse levels.
  • The battle map can change when you choose another character.
  • Each character and car has different characteristics that make it easy for players to defeat others in every battle.
  • No need for too much manipulation when playing.
  • The mission is highly competitive.


How to play:

Use the mouse to play.