About Masha And The Bear: Meadows


Masha And The Bear: Meadows is an interesting arcade game. Your objective is to run around to expand your territory and get the highest possible score.

After wandering around the forest, Masha and the other characters want to choose a clearing for themselves. However, there are not many good meadows in the forest, so they have to fight with each other for a clearing. Everyone wants to have the largest and most beautiful meadows for themselves. Your mission is to control your favourite character to run around to expand your territory as large as possible. Be careful! Your opponents can bite your tail anytime. You will lose if your tail is bitten. Therefore, protect your tail carefully. Don’t hesitate to bite your opponents’ tails to eliminate them from the playing field. Attempt to gain the highest possible score and raise your rank on the leaderboard.

Come on! Tap to play this arcade game now and have fun!

Features of Masha And The Bear:

  • Many characters include Masha, Bear, Pig, rabbit, Wolf, Black Bear, and so on.
  • Easy control
  • Multiplayer
  • Beautiful graphics

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.