About Parkour Block 3


Parkour Block 3 is a brand-new leaping adventure belonging to the kind of parkour. In the game, players have to conduct continuous jumps to survive.

How to play

If you are a Parkour fan, you will not want to miss the Parkour Block 3 game. The game is designed with the ground covered in lava. In order to survive, you have to find a way to escape from it. Your task is to jump from one brick to another. Remember that you will die if you fall down the lava, so try to keep your equilibrium in each jump.

There are 43 challenging stages corresponding to 43 levels. You have to overcome all 43 levels to be able to reach the exit door. Besides, you can completely restart your level and replay it if you fall down lava. The mouse and WASD keys can be used to direct the camera's gaze. To make your character leap, press the space button.

Features of the game

  • Easy to control the character
  • Beautiful and attractive graphics and sound effects
  • Multiplayer