About Party Stickman 4 Player


Party Stickman 4 Player is a fun running arcade and adventure game. Your mission is to collect the key and avoid obstacles to bring 4 characters to the exit.

This game gives you a new feature which is playing 4 players concurrently. You can invite your friends to enjoy this fun running game together. If not, you can also play alone. However, that will be a bit difficult for you.

Four characters including pink, green, blue, and orange stickman will join this game. Your task is to control all 4 characters to collect keys and overcome all obstacles on the track. Use the collected key to open the exit and move to the next level.

This game has many levels with many different maps and challenges. Can you pass all the levels? Let's try!

Features of Party Stickman 4 Player

  • The exciting running game with 4 character
  • Eye-catching graphics and cool art animations
  • Levels up
  • Various maps and challenges
  • Collect keys and avoid obstacles

How to control

  • Green Player: use "5123" to move
  • Pink Player: use "YGHJ" to move
  • Blue Player: use "WASD" to move
  • Red Player: use "Arrow keys" to move