About Rabbids Volcano Panic


Rabbids Volcano Panic is a superb adventure game. In this game, you have to survive by avoiding falling into the lava while competing with other players.

Your adorable rabbit is participating in survival competitions among rabbits from various countries. Can you help this rabbit to gain victory? 

In this game, your mission is to use arrow keys or drag your mouse to control the direction of your character. Your main goal is to avoid falling into the deadly lava and survive last to gain the first rank. In order to complete this mission, it is best to run towards the tile edge to jump, watch your shadow for landing, and beware of collapsing tiles. 

There are some different floors and the final floor is lava. Don't be fallen! Besides that, you can unlock new skin for your character using the collected coins. One tip for you is to collect the secret boxes to get special items.

Features of Rabbids Volcano Panic 

  • Fun and fascinating adventure game
  • Collect coins to unlock new skins
  • Get special items thanks to secret boxes
  • Interesting and competitive gameplay

How to control

  • Drag your mouse or use arrow keys.