Run 3


An endless tunnel awaits you in Run3. Your mission is to control the alien character to avoid the large holes and proceed to the next level.

A tunnel with countless holes is challenging you. The tunnel has many shapes that may be hexagonal, octagonal, or square, and you can run on any tunnel surface. There are also bricks of different colors in the tunnel, which have great dangers. They will collapse as soon as you step in, so you need to be careful. So let's jump up or run to the other side of the tunnel. There will be separated tunnels, which will create a big gap. Therefore, you need to hold the Space key for a long time to be able to jump through, or you will fall into the vast galaxy.

The game mode of Run 3

If you love adventure and exploring, you can choose Adventure mode. This game mode creates a fantastic sense of experience in the tunnel. You will discover a unique space. In addition, the game mode is divided into many different levels. Next is Infinite mode. This game mode is not divided into many levels, and you will run in an endless tunnel. Finally, in the Online mode, you will play with anyone who is online. Try to get more points to get a high rank on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.