About Slope Bike


Are you ready to enter Slope Bike to take part in a bike race on deadly slopes? Your goal is to ride a bike as far as possible while collecting green diamonds.

Slope Bike game is a great and safe cycling game for all players to enjoy. Let's explore the great points of this game. People in today's contemporary and advanced culture are accustomed to attractive and level highways. However, do you want to experience or test your mettle by riding your bike down perilous slopes? Slope Bike will offer you an excellent setting in which to do so. You will face treacherous slopes and numerous obstacles. To avoid obstacles, you control the bike using the left and right arrow keys. During the race, you will come across money or diamonds that you may collect to unlock more spectacular bikes. Moreover, along with the increasing speed of cycling as well as more and more obstacles, you will have to focus on estimating and calculating every second.

How to control

Use arrow keys to direct.