About Stumble Boys Match


Stumble Boys Match is an entertaining running game. In this game, you have to complete the missions in each mini-game and try to obtain gold coins and crowns.

There are many challenges in the game, and you have to complete the task of each challenge. For example, the Door mini-game is a challenge where you have to choose doors you can pass through. You have to run constantly to be the first to reach the rush. You will race against a lot of others. However, only the first twenty characters to the finish line are the winners. Others will be removed from the game, and there will be no gold coins and crowns for them. Another challenge is the Run mini-game. Not only do you have to run back the fastest, but you also have to overcome countless obstacles. They are scattered throughout the track. These obstacles are movable, which makes the process of overcoming them more difficult than ever. Only the first twenty characters have the opportunity to become the winner and receive the reward.

The bonuses and crowns use to buy new skins to help you win spectacularly. In addition, if you complete the challenge requested in the plan section, you will receive even greater rewards. There are many other challenges waiting for you, complete different challenges to be the most outstanding. 

Features of Stumble Boys Match:

  • There are many mini-game for you to pass.
  • The shop sells many new skins.
  • Because of the highly competitive gameplay, the game gives players hours of entertainment
  • Vivid sound, and perfect graphics.

How to play: 

  • Use the “WASD” to move.
  • Use the Space bar to jump.