About Super Noob Captured Miner


Super Noob Captured Miner is a challenging adventure game. Your mission is to help Noob to dig a tunnel to escape from the prison and collect 3 keys.

Click to play this game now and escape from the prison with Noob. Your mission is to dig a tunnel to leave the prison without getting caught by crazy guards. You can find other Noobs along the way. They tried to escape but got stuck under the ground. Rescue them to improve your score. Be careful with deadly obstacles such as spikes, dynamites and so on under the ground. Don’t forget to collect as many gems as possible and 3 keys to get 3 stars. Attempt to get out the prison successfully and get the highest possible score.

This game features 24 challenging levels. Do your best to complete all of the levels and have fun.

This game can be accessed on both PC and mobile. Therefore, you can play it at any time and everywhere.

Features of Super Noob Captured Miner:

  • 24 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Many deadly obstacles 
  • Stunning 2D pixel graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to dig