Tap Tap Shots


Play Tap Tap Shots to get the highest score possible. Click the mouse to dunk the ball into the basket, and you will be the most excellent player ever.

The rules of the game are straightforward. First, you must dunk the ball into the basket within the allotted time. Then, you will have to click the mouse to adjust the height of the ball, and the ball will bounce with inertia and into the basket. However, there is not just one basket. You will have to throw each basket in turn and throw it in alternating order. At the top of the screen, there will be a time bar that indicates the time you have to dunk the ball into the basket. If the time runs out and you cannot put the ball in the basket, you lose. Another note is that the two baskets will not stay in place. They can be higher or lower than the original position. Therefore, you will have more difficulty dunking the ball into the basket. Try to adjust the distance and learn from the failures. Overall, this simulation game is still appealing to those who are enthusiastic about sports, especially basketball. You will become completely engrossed in the game and relish the most relaxing moments. Are you able to achieve the most significant score? With every turn, raise your score.

Graphics and sound of Tap Tap Shots.

The game's visual is lovely. There are not many colors, but they are all well-balanced. Every time you successfully slam a dunk, you will hear a lively sound, which is one of the things that draw you into the game.

How to play

Click the left mouse to play.