About The Last Survivors


Fighting game The Last Survivors is available for free and boasts a big user base of active players.
In order to complete the game, you must assume control of a father and son, guide them to safety, and prevent both of them from becoming infected with the zombie virus. Turn-based control of the two characters will be used to accomplish this. There are a total of twenty distinct levels, and each one has a unique set of challenges. These challenges can appear as anything from dangerous traps to hordes of ravenous undead. The ability to play the game while simultaneously controlling two different characters gives you more gaming possibilities. You will need to utilize the specific talents held by both the father and the daughter in order to move on through each level. While the father is a strong man who can jump over obstacles and battle zombies, the daughter is able to move through tight spaces and hurl rocks to distract monsters. To be eligible for the awards, you must possess every piece of required equipment.
Let's begin the game, shall we?