About Ultimate Knockout Race


Ultimate Knockout Race is a funny running game. Your goal is to control an imposter to race with the other 29 players and survive until the end of the race.

Get ready to participate in the most competitive running race in the world. In the race, your mission is to control a little impostor to race with the other 29 players over the world. The racetrack is full of obstacles and traps. Be careful! Try your best to avoid them. You will lose if you fall off the racetrack. This is a competitive running race, so attempt to run as fast as possible to cross the finish line. You will claim a lot of gems after getting a victory. Do your best to earn as many gems as possible. Use the gems you have to exchange new skins in the shop.

This game features multiple maps. The race location changes after each race, which bring you a scintillating playing experience.

Features of Ultimate Knockout Race:

  • A variety of skins to select
  • Multiple maps
  • Multiplayer
  • Colourful graphics and energetic music tunes

How to play: