About World's Hardest Traffic Box


Welcome to World's Hardest Traffic Box which is an interesting puzzle game. Navigating the X box to the location marked on the map is your task in this game.

How to play

It can be said that this game is a challenge for you in terms of speed and time control. Specifically, you will control a square marked with an X to the required position in the game. However, to get it to that position, you must make sure that the X square does not collide with any obstacles. There are many fast-moving squares on the map. If your X square collides with one of them, it will break and you have to start that level again. If you like this game, Car Painting Simulator and Drunken Boxing might be some games you also enjoy. Have a great time!

Features of the game

  • One player
  • Multiple levels
  • The obstacles move like the traffic image